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iPhone 5C Case Black PU Leather Wallet Cover Reviews

If you are looking for "iPhone 5C Case Black PU Leather Wallet Cover", this is the website which will review it. so do not go first. please refer to our full review below.


  • PU Leather Phone Case To Fit The iPhone 5 C
  • Clear Screen Protector And Soft Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth
  • Magnetic Closing Flip Case Protects From Scratches And Dents
  • Tough Faux Leather Cover With Cash / Credit Card Slots Offering Your Mobile Extra Protection
  • Apple iPhone 5C Accessories

Perfect for the user who is fond of organization, the black iPhone 5C wallet case is tailor-made to provide both maximum protection and maximum storage space.

The innovative design of the wallet case means that it features three storage flaps in its interior. These enable a user to carry their bank/credit card, loose notes, and other day-to-day items alongside their smartphone - ensuring all of their valuables are in one place, and negating the need to buy a 'standard' wallet.

The iPhone 5C wallet case has many other benefits, however. As one of the best iPhone 5C leather cases on the market, it provides consummate protection for the body of the handset. Day-to-day worries like scratches, chips and scuffs will be less of an issue, due to the sturdy defence offered by the faux leather/hard plastic construction of the wallet.

The wallet also features some handy utility benefits. A clasp at the front of the wallet utilizes magnets in order to keep the case


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