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Yousave iPhone 5 / 5S Case Black PU Leather Wallet Cover Reviews

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  • iPhone 5S Case: PU Leather Phone Case To Fit The iPhone 5 / 5S
  • Clear Screen Protector And Soft Micro Fibre Polishing Cloth
  • Magnetic Closing Flip Case Protects From Scratches And Dents
  • Tough PU Leather Cover With Cash / Card Slots Offering Your Mobile Extra Protection
  • Apple iPhone 5S Accessories

This durable iPhone 5S case not only provides extra protection for the body of the device; it also comes equipped with storage space to keep the money and bank card of a user safe and sound, making it one of the most convenient iPhone 5S covers around!

The iPhone 5S wallet case is manufactured from both PU leather and hard shell plastic. While the outside of the wallet case is soft and plush, the inside is more rigid. This ensures maximum comfort and maximum protection!

The iPhone 5S wallet case is also very convenient. A front-facing magnetic clasp keeps the wallet firmly closed when not in use. However, it's very easy to open again in the event of calls or texts - unlike some other iPhone 5S covers, which can be difficult or annoying to use.

As a wallet, this case cover also has interior pockets; these are large enough to hold several bank notes, as well as a bank/credit card, ensuring all of a user's valuables are in one place!

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